Club Unten, Linz 2018

Concept / Sound Design
Abby Lee Tee

Spatial Design
Clemens Bauder

Mix & Mastering
Christian 'GC' Ghahremanian

in cooperation with OÖ Kulturquartier

a walk-through, 12 channel audio installation, embedded in the spatial deconstruction of an unused staircase, leading from club “Unten” to the ground floor of Ursulinenhof. Immerse yourself in underwater landscapes, an otter hole, an elephant grove, a canyon criss-crossed by rivulets, opening up in a forest and a tree house on the last level. Field recordings are complemented by misused or synthetically generated sounds. Their origin and their interaction can not be clearly identified, decoupled from our own, subjective perception and interpretation of nature - compressed in a small space, these biotopes and syntopes build up a slightly spaced out, sound-flooded parallel world.

© Foto: Gregor Graf