Abby Lee Tee

beside numerous collaborations and band projects austrian dj and producer abby lee tee is releasing his ever–evolving solo material since 2009, combining various influences from instrumental hip hop to electronica or more experimental kind of music nowadays, always trying to follow his playful narrational instinct and cultivating his passion for field recordings and odd instruments.


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helahoop – this (abby lee tee remix) – shash rec. (digital)
abby lee tee – imaginary friends II (album) – czaszka rec. (digital, tape)
abby lee tee – cohabiting species (album) – accidental records / shash rec. (digital, 12inch vinyl)

juergen vonbank - how to not care (abby lee tee remix) — night defined recordings (digital, 12inch vinyl)

abby lee tee — imaginary friends I (album) — czaszka rec. (digital, tape)

abby lee tee & gc — guten quak — shash rec. compilation #4 (digital)
jin yerei — introspeccion (abby lee tee remix) — (digital)
abby lee tee — riverside burrows (album) — shash rec. (digital, 10inch vinyl)
abby lee tee — herbert's archive (album) — dinzu artefacts (digital, tape)

monophobe — lotus bloom (abby lee tee remix) — shash rec. (digital)
abby lee tee — by accident remixes (album) — shash rec. (digital)

abby lee tee — remixes #1 (digital)
abby lee tee — by accident (album) — shash rec. (digital, 12inch vinyl)
hinterland — bis ana reat (album) — tontraeger rec. (digital, cd, 12inch vinyl)
ages — chances (abby lee tee remix) — etage noir (digital)

leeux — truckin (single) — (digital)
ritornell & abby lee tee — melting sphere (single) — 15pcs. (digital, 7inch vinyl)
stikz & abby lee tee — slow muzi — shash rec. compilation #3 (digital)
ritornell — aquarium eyes (abby lee tee remix) — (digital)

stratasoul — lovesigh (abby lee tee remix) — ajlavmjuzik (digital)
broken sequence — froomious b (abby lee tee remix) — (digital)
abby lee tee — speechless affairs (album) — shash rec. (digital)

elliot — warm jazz rain (abby lee tee remix) — frequency lab (digital)
a.g.trio — countably infinite (abby lee tee remix) — etage noir (digital)
stikz — mssd up (leeux remake) — shash rec. (digital)
minor sick & abby lee tee — sundayday (single) — 15pcs. (7inch vinyl)
kalifornia kurt, feux & abby lee tee — gossip (single) — 15pcs. (7inch vinyl)
abby lee tee — fairy floss (single) — shash rec. (digital)

hinterland — voixsmusik (album) — tontraeger rec. (digital, cd)
abby lee tee — stray cat (ep) — shash rec. (digital, 12inch vinyl)
abby lee tee — stray cat remixes (ep) — shash rec. (digital)
roman rauch — bobs revenge (abby lee tee remix) — (digital)
ritornell — emere (abby lee tee remix) — (digital)

hinterland — zwa seitn (album) — hillbilly rec. (digital, cd)
hinterland — seitnwechsl (remix album) — hillbilly rec. (digital, cd)
abby lee tee — from the hill sphere (ep) — hillbilly rec. (digital)
pixelord — cybernator (abby lee tee remix) — error broadcast (digital)
abby lee tee — old savage om / creakin wood (single) — hillbilly rec. (digital)
hinterland — voixsmusik (single) — hillbilly rec. (digital, 12inch vinyl)


popfest, vienna — waves vienna festival, vienna — sound:frame festival, vienna —
ars electronica festival, linz — elevate festival, graz — spring festival, graz —
rbma bass camp, vienna — panke, berlin — monarch, berlin — kava lounge, san diego — nuspirit, bratislava — blumenbar, munich — rausch & tochter, munich — beat bbq, cologne — pumpe, kiel — ulme, talinn — pratersauna, wien — registratur, munich — alte schmiede, vienna — grelle forelle, vienna — rhiz, vienna — and many more 

© Foto: Andreea Săsăran


We can’t imagine anything more playful than an otter; in this artist, the creature has met its human counterpart.
Richard Allen — a closer listen

More brilliance from Austria.
Gilles Peterson

Water, rooting pigs, and animal splashes all figure into the work, which flows as gracefully as the alpine streams it celebrates.
Byron Coley — the wire

There are field recordings, preparations, stories of squeaking toys, bells, windchimes, clapping and so on. What’s more important is the aspect of the pursuit. A childlike but somewhat towards intimacy which is quite rare in experimental music.
Hubert Heathertoes

Abby continues to breathe life into every living/flowing thing he captures, these recordings happened to be as much a part of our world as of his.
Jay Scarlett

“Riverside Burrows” is a celebration of long summer nights spent on the banks of a small river with the sounds of nature surrounding you. I am enamored with this album. You can’t help but feel the sunshine on your back with this recording.
Sigil of Brass

Austria, Vienna in particular, got Dorian Concept and The Clonious when it comes to forward-thinking beat music. Both of these guys have a unique style rooted in Jazz, Soul and Funk, but filtered and distorted by their love for electronic (dance-)
music. While the scene strongly focuses on the US Bay Area and the UK, originating from Austria makes you an outsider still. But being overlooked is not necessarily a problem. Abby Lee Tee calls Linz home, and what we hear from down there is 100%
next level shit.
Sven Swift — error broadcast

Abby Lee Tee produziert Sounds, die mit den Attributen experimentell, organisch, tanzbar und allenfalls als divers bezeichnet werden können. Vielleicht einfach ein Beweis dafür, dass man als Musiker und Künstler vielseitig sein muss. Die Musik, die Abby Lee Tee seit 2007 herausbringt, durchzieht dennoch ein authentischer Faden, dessen charakteristische Merkmale zerbrochene Beats und euphorisch bis bedrohliche Klänge – viel zu feinmaschig, um brachial zu wirken – bilden. Abby Lee Tee schafft Atmosphären und zeichnet Bilder sowohl mit synthetisch generierten als auch der Natur entstammenden Klangfarben, denen man sich in Summe kaum zu entziehen vermag und deren gemeinsames Ganzes weit mehr ergibt als dessen Einzelteile…
Lucia Laggner — mica, music austria

You take cat selfies, make cat memes, and Abby Lee Tee takes it to the next level, recording his cat’s purring and making a beautiful piece of music out of it. Besides using »cat vocals«
Abby Lee Tee and Richard Eigner (Ritornell) record the sounds of their city at night (Vienna), reversed music box melodies, bathroom squeaks, odd utensils and anything else they can sample…
Jochem Daelman — big up magazine

»Fairy Floss«, a new track by multifaceted Austrian artist Abby Lee Tee, follows the free download of »Techno Hearts« we posted back in February, and is signi ficantly less abstract, although still open to interpretation. Described by Abby Lee Tee as a single composition rather than a music video and a song, the music indeed matches the introspectiveness of its visual counterpart.
Rebecca Bratburd — xlr8r

Es wurde schon anderswo mehr als einmal gesagt, aber einer der Gründe, warum Electronica und Sampledelia aus Österreich so gut gehen, ist dass sie sich den Brandmarken ihrer Herkunft entziehen. Spuren afrikanischer Gesänge, ambiente Waberklängen und wie Züge in Zeitlupe durch den Track fahrende Beats und Loops treffen da auf Vogelstimmen und alle möglichen Found Sounds, die von überall auf dieser Welt her stammen könnten.
Robert Rotifer — Popfest