Abby Lee Tee – Riverside Burrows

Expect immersing yourself in various layers of field recordings, alienated acoustic instruments and floating arrangements: a cinematic journey through imaginary valleys full of running waters, chirping birds, squeaking otters, oinking pigs and clandestine odd sounds.

"... While it’s hard to guess what an otter might like to hear, one imagines a combination of playfulness and fluidity, which is what one encounters here. Wind chimes topple into pig snorts and drown in gentle ambient washes. The river flows; the showers fall. The artist performs a duet with nature, creating a soundscape that doesn’t exist in real life: a tranquil harmonic convergence. In the final minutes, his gentle tapping is accepted by the local birds, who continue to tweet, unperturbed. To listen is to experience a contagious exuberance. Enraptured with his environment, the artist has managed to retain the wonder of a child ..."
Richard Allen / A Closer Listen 

"...Water, rooting pigs, and animal splashes all figure into the work, which flows as gracefully as the Alpine streams it celebrates."
Byron Coley / The Wire 

Artwork by System Jaquelinde
Mix & Mastering by Christian 'GC' Ghahremanian
Shash Rec. 2017