Press Staat for Revolution

Conceived and directed by
Philipp J. Ehmann

Stage and costumes
Monika Annabel Zimmer

Music / Sound Design
Abby Lee Tee

Elisabeth Geyer, Jennifer Weiss

Philipp J. Ehmann, Julia Gräfner, Clemens Maria Riegler and the audience.

Schauspielhaus Graz

a theatre or parlour game by and with the audience. According to resistance guru Srdja Popović’s motto: "Civil disobedience is a team sport!", together with others you can try out new ways to redesign the future of the fictitious state of Libertalia. The game is designed for a maximum of 30 players who will have a collective experience, but also be confronted with new sides of their own personalities.

© Foto: Lupi Spuma