Abby Lee Tee – Imaginary Friends II

“Imaginary Friends II” draws immersive little pictures of (re)imagined places and their inhabitants, or rather, the other way round.

While imaginary companions are still mistakenly associated with deficits or even mental health issues most of the time, (researchers say that) they can be an important way to develop creativity and coping skills, not only for children. Beside bedding your cuddly toys for the night, it just feels natural to build them a sonic home too, twisting everyday-life sounds as well as acoustic instruments and arcane field recordings, always exploring the boundaries of human perceptions of nature and artificial worlds.

Expect obscure soundscapes full of quarrelling hedgehogs, startled owls, squeaking piglets, alienated sheep, cracking ice, gurgling streams and whistling tea pots.

“This time a squeaky toy says hello in the early moments, chattering atop a babbling brook and a rolled glass.  Both real and unreal, live and Memorex, this new collection of simulacrums contains a brand new cast of characters, including piglets, owls and sheep (o my!).  Waves crash in the distance; we seem to be at the ocean, digging in the sand, creating sand castles in which our creatures might live.  Up at the beach house, someone is using masking tape, a hammer and a shovel to create an outdoor cabin in case the crabs want to crawl up for a visit.“
Richard Allen / a closer listen

Artwork by DWA Graphic Department
Mix & Mastering by Christian 'GC'

Czaszka Rec. 2020