Abby Lee Tee – At The Beaver Lodge I

At The Beaver Lodge I is the first in a series from Austrian sound artist Abby Lee Tee recording beaver vocalisations from the Danube. I’m not going to try and describe what beavers sound like, and this tape very much does what it says on the tin. But having never heard beaver vocalisations before, the drama of squeaks, cries and whines makes a fascinating subject for this cassingle.”  Daryl Worthington / The Quietus

“Like some of the other fauna that have appeared in various Abby Lee Tee works, the beavers’ nasal vocalizations are both pleasing and grating; not in any abrasive or confrontational sense, but more due to a mild uncanny valley effect—these sounds are sometimes just too human. But they aren’t, of course, and something else this first installment in a planned series reminds us of is that beavers have their own lives and livelihoods: gnaw-whittling the perfect stick into the perfect shape for the dam, caterwauling in the early morning rain, crooning together in collective chorus.”
Jack Davidson / Noisenotmusic

recorded in december 2020 and january 2021 at a beaver lodge on the shore of danube river in linz (austria).

mix & mastering by christian ‘gc’ ghahremanian
artwork by frances cat & abby lee tee